Bryan Cranston net worth

Bryan Cranston net worth

Net Worth: $30 million

About Bryan Cranston

It has been stated that Bryan Cranston net worth has an estimate of 30 million dollars. In addition, he has been said to receive 125 thousand dollars as his annual salary. Bryan Cranston is an actor and a voice actor. He is also known as a film producer and director which add a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Bryan Cranston net worth.

He has accumulated a huge amount of his net worth while appearing in television and films and also being a writer and director for many sitcoms and movies. In addition, Bryan Cranston has voiced characters in English anime TV series.

Born in California, Bryan Cranston started working in theater after he graduated from college. After this job, he moved to work in commercial area and worked with both TV and print works. Later, Bryan Cranston started appearing on TV. He has appeared in shows such as “Baywatch”, “Matlock”, “Murder She Wrote”, “Cover Up” and many others. All of them increased the overall amount of Bryan Cranston net worth a lot.

In addition, for two years he appeared on a soap opera called “Loving” which added a lot of popularity to him. In 1990s, Bryan Cranston continued to appear in films and TV series. The most popular of them were “Saving Private Ryan” and “That Thing You Do”. However, the production which made Bryan Cranston an international star was “Malcolm in the Middle” where he portrayed a role of Hal. Currently, he is known as one of the cast members from the TV show called “Breaking Bad” for which he receives 125 thousand dollars for every episode in which he appears.

Talking about his awards and accomplishments, Bryan Cranston has received three Emmy awards in the category of the Best Leading Actor.
Bryan Cranston is also known from the TV show called “Seinfeld” where she portrays a role of Tim Whatley who is a dentist. Also, the actor is known from movies such as “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Argo” and “drive” which added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Bryan Cranston net worth.

Both of Bryan Cranston’s parents were involved into entertainment business. His mother worked as a radio actress and his father was a Hollywood actor and producer. Thus, he had a lot of influence of becoming an actor and get involved into acting business while he was still young. However, he spent quite a lot of time with his grandparents on their farm where he used to take care of chickens.

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