Net Worth:
$15 billion

About Phil Knight

It has been claimed that Phil Knight net worth has an estimate of almost 15 billion dollars which makes him one of the richest people in the world. Phil Knight is known as a co-founder of a famous clothing line “Nike” which is known all around the world and which is one of the main sources of Phil Knight net worth. Currently, he is known to be the chairman of the company “Nike”.
He is known as one of the most successful and talented entrepreneurs in the world which arises no doubt when taking a look at his net worth. He started his career in business when he made a contract deal with Mr. Onitsuka in Japan. Phil Knight started selling Tiger Running Shoes by Kobe in the Western part of the United States.

Moreover, he and Bill Bowerman started their own business when Phil Knight sent him a pair of these shoes. The couple established their company which they called “Blue Ribbon Sports”. In fact, the company started to accumulate the overall amount of Phil Knight net worth. In the beginning of the company, Phil Knight used to sell shoes from his car. It proved to be very successful and soon Phil Knight started working full shift.
“Blue Ribbon Shoes” was the beginning of the company “Nike” today. In 2004, he stopped being the CEO of the company, however Phil Knight was appointed to be the chairman of the company’s board, the position which he still holds today.
The businessman was born in Oregon in 1938. After finishing high school, he enrolled to study in the University of Oregon where he was studying journalism. For one year he was active in the Army of the United States and for seven years served in the Reserves.
After his service in the army, Phil Knight decided to study at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It was this time when he discovered his ability to be a successful entrepreneur. After graduating in Business Administration, Phil Knight started to travel across the world and, as previously mentioned, landed his first contract in Japan with the Tiger Running Shoes by Kobe. Therefore, business became the main source of Phil Knight net worth.
Talking about his personal life, he married Penelope Parks in 1963. With her, he has three children who are all grown up: Christina, Travis and Matthew. Currently, Phil Knight is living with Penelope Parks in Oregon, where he was also raised.

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