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$2 million

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About Luann De Lesseps

It has been estimated that Luann De Lesseps net worth reaches 2 million dollars. She has accumulated her net worth through a lot of different jobs such as being a nurse, a model, a TV personality and an author. All these involvements bring thousand of dollars to the total amount of Luann De Lesseps net worth. Luann De Lesseps is known as one of the best models who modeled for Wilhelmina. She has appeared in a lot of runaways everywhere in the world, including the fashion center Milan. However, before she got involved into modeling industry, Luann De Lesseps worked as a nurse and enjoyed her time spent at the elderly nursing home, where she helped seniors. Luann De Lesseps has admitted that the work in the elderly nursing home helped her to become a better person and to develop her personal and humanitarian skills.

Talking about her as a TV personality, Luann de Lesseps is one of the cast members of the TV show called “The Real Housewives of New York City” where she has been appearing since its first season on the Bravo channel. The show is another important source of Luann De Lesseps net worth.

In addition to her modeling, nursing and television careers, Luann De Lesseps is also known as a singer. Her debut single was called “Money Can’t Buy You Class”.
The fact about her which is not that much well known is that she is considered to be a Countess because of her marriage which happened in 1993 with the Count Alexandre De Lesseps. However, in 2009 they divorced. They have two teenaged children named Victoria and Noel.

Noel himself is becoming a very successful businessperson at a very young age. When he suffered an injury caused by an accident when skateboarding, he decided to create his own skateboard company which was named “FancyFool”. Luann De Lesseps’ daughter Victoria is also talented. She has won the first place for her created solar panel home. Therefore, both of her children are into business at an early age which makes Luann De Lesseps very proud of them.

Luann De Lesseps was born in 1965 in Connecticut. Her father created his own construction firm which today is being managed by Luann De Lesseps two brothers. Thus, her whole family is involved into business industry which is also a source of Luann De Lesseps net worth.


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