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$400 million

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About Michael Schumacher

The most successful Formula 1 participant of all time who even became a legend in the Formula 1 history Michael Schumacher net worth has been estimated to reach a huge sum of money, which is 400 million dollars. Moreover, he is said to receive around 40 million dollars per year. Michael Schumacher is the Formula 1 racer who is from Germany and has won the championship of Formula 1 many times. Thus, the name which usually pops into the heads of many people when talking about Formula 1 is exactly Michael Schumacher.

He used to compete in the races of Formula 1 from 1991 till 2006 in teams such as Jordan Benetton and of course Ferrari. He made a four year break and came back in 2010 to compete again with a different team and this time it was Mercedes GP who signed with the sportsman and it brought high sums of money to the overall amount of Michael Schumacher net worth. Michael Schumacher was born in 1969 in West Germany.

When he was only four years old, his father put a small engine in his playing toy kart, which worked with pedals. He also became the youngest out of all members of the karting club, which was established at the Kerpen-Horrem Karting track. When he was only six years old, Michael Schumacher won his first championship which was organized by his club and at that point people started speculating that Michael Schumacher net worth would be the highest if he decided to be a racer for his future.

After his first winning, Michael Schumacher continued to be involved in many other championships and of course he ended up winning mostly of them in both Germany and the rest of Europe. He made his debut in Formula 1 in 1991. The race was held in Belgium. However, that year he did not shine, however in 1994 he made his name known to everybody who even was not interested in Formula 1. Michael Schumacher ended up winning six races out of seven. In 1996, he got an offer to participate in Formula 1 in the Ferrari team and the racer accepted the offer.

The interesting fact is that before the team signed up with Michael Schumacher, it used to struggle to win championships. However, with the arrival of Michael Schumacher to their team, Ferrari started winning big time. Thus, this is one of the reasons why the brand of Ferrari is associated with the racer often and it of course brought a lot of revenue to the overall amount of Michael Schumacher net worth.


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