Bill Gates net worth

Bill Gates net worth

Net Worth: $1 million

About Bill Gates

The richest man in the world Bill Gates net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 66 billion dollars. In addition, his yearly salary reaches 1 million dollars, which also makes him one of the best paid people in the universe and increases Bill Gates net worth a lot. To the public, Bill Gates is known as the most successful business magnate, who owns Microsoft corporation. In addition, Bill Gates is also an author and philanthropist.
His company “Microsoft” was established together with his fellow friend named Paul Allen and their creation today is known as one of the most successful companies. Both of them, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, are known as one of the first entrepreneurs who got involved into computer revolution with creating Microsoft.

Bill Gates attended Lakeside school from which he graduated in 1973. Moreover, the business magnate scored 1590 out of 1600 in SAT, which is one of the highest scores in the history of SAT. Later, Bill Gates enrolled to study at Harvard College in 1973.
In 1976 he together with Paul Allen registered the name of their computer company Microsoft. The company is the one which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Bill Gates net worth. During the first years of the operating, Bill Gates used to review all codes the company was shipping and to rewrite them all the time. Bill Gates and Paul Allen launched the first version of Microsoft Windows in 1985.
In addition to his huge business empire, Bill Gates and his wife owned quite a lot of foundations until in 2000 they combined all of them into one huge foundation which was called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is one of the hugest charities in the world. In 2006 Bill Gates released a statement where he claimed his position that he would spend less time managing Microsoft company so that he could spend more time in his philanthropist activities. Thus, in spite of being a chief executive of Microsoft he became the chairman of the company. However, Bill Gates still receives huge amounts of money to the Bill Gates net worth even if he decided to spend less time in the activities of Microsoft.
Together with his wife, Bill Gates has three children. The family lives near Lake Washington. His real estate property was announced to reach 125 million dollars. The business magnate whose full name is William Henry Gates III was born in 1955.

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