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$125 million

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About Jon Bon Jovi

It has been estimated that Jon Bon Jovi net worth reaches 125 million dollars which makes him one of the wealthiest musicians in the entertainment business. A huge part of his net worth comes from his careers as a singer, song writer, performer, composer, record producer and actor.

Born in 1962, Jon Bon Jovi whose real birth name is John Francis Bongiovi the star is mostly known as the leader of the band “Bon Jovi” which he established and which was named after him. The band is one of the most important sources of Jon Bon Jovi net worth. In addition to being a part of his band, Jon Bon Jovi has also been known as a solo artist. As a member of the group “Bon Jovi”, the star has released eleven music albums while as being a solo artist he has released two music albums. The albums have been sold around 130 million copies on an international scale.
Moreover, “Bon Jovi” is a very successful band. In 2011, it was named the second richest band in music industry. However, the first position was held by another band “U2”. Nevertheless, the band “Bon Jovi” has been stated to earn around 125 million dollars every year.
In addition to his musical career, Jon Bon Jovi is known as a businessman. He is one of the major shareholders of the Philadelphia Soul which is the team which plays in Arena Football League. It is another source of Jon Bon Jovi net worth.
Jon Bon Jovi is getting a lot of recognition from really important people in the United States. For example, in 2010 Jon Bon Jovi was named by the president Barack Obama himself to the White House Council for Community Solutions which is one of the most important and biggest recognitions for Jon Bon Jovi.
As a solo artist, Jon Bon Jovi has also received a lot of accomplishments and awards such as a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for his one of the most popular singles “Blaze of Glory”.
In addition, he has been a huge part in a lot of presidential elections. Jon Bon Jovi participated in campaigns for Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama.
Giving some background information about the star, Jon Bon Jovi was born to his parents who used to be Marines. His father also was a barber and his mother was a florist who later became a part of Playboy Bunnies. Moreover, Jon Bon Jovi has claimed that he is related to Frank Sinatra. When he was a child, he used to sell newspapers in order not to weasel money out of his parents. Later, he became involved into music which became the main source of Jon Bon Jovi net worth.


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