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$500 million

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About Vince Mcmahon

One of the most important people in wrestling Vince Mcmahon net worth has been estimated to reach 500 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest people in the field. A huge part of his net worth comes from his careers as an American wrester, wrester promoter, commentator and also film producer.

Vince McMahon was born in 1945 in North Carolina, the United States. He is known as the CEO and the chairman of the company called World Wrestling Entertainment. Also, he is the biggest shareholder of the company which also increases Vince Mcmahon net worth. The company World Wrestling Entertainment used to be run by his father and Vince McMahon took it over. In 1971 Vince McMahon began to work in the company when his father gave him a job to be a promoter of a small wrestling show. He managed to do it well and later got bigger and bigger responsibilities with which he coped also very well. When his father passed away, in 1984 Vince McMahon became the owner of the company and started managing it together with his wife. At that time, the company was quite smaller than it is today.
Later the wrestling star created a project called “Rock & Wrestling Connection” which brought a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Vince Mcmahon net worth. The aim of the project was for the rock stars to tell their stories and to create a broader audience which would be interested into wrestling. Soon after the creation of the project, many other followed including Wrestlemania.
Today the company World Wrestling Company is known as the multi-billionaire enterprise which brings a lot of money to the total amount of Vince Mcmahon net worth.
In addition to his owning a huge company, the businessman is also successful in the cinema industry. He is known as a film producer and also as an actor. The star usually plays a role of a wrestler named Mr. McMahon, which is a character based upon the businessman himself.
Vince McMahon won the title of the Royal Rumble in 1999. Moreover, the star is a champion who won both WWF Championship and ECW World Championship. Such accomplishments not only make him more famous on a global scale but also add a lot of revenues to the wrestler’s net worth. Thus, involvement into wrestling made Vince McMahon to be one of the most successful and powerful men in the world.


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