Barbra Streisand net worth

Barbra Streisand net worth

Net Worth: $340 million

About Barbra Streisand

There are a few legends in cinema which are remembered over and over again. One of them is Barbra Streisand who is known to many different generations. Barbra Streisand net worth has an estimate of 340 million dollars, which makes her one of the most successful and best paid actresses in the Hollywood circuit. In addition to her acting career, Barbra Streisand net worth also comes from other activities she is involved into like singing, songwriting, and filmmaking. Born in New York, Barbra Streisand became involved into entertainment industry while she was only a teenager. At that time she performed in a lot of night clubs singing the songs which she wrote by herself.

Performances at night clubs can be considered as the first step into her entertainment career because due to that Barbra Streisand started getting offers to appear in various TV shows including “The Tonight Show” or “PM East/PM West”. Also, she got her first role which she performed in Broadway. Barbra Streisand net worth has been also accumulated through her singing career. The singer has released more than 30 albums. The most successful of them is considered to be the album entitled “Guilty”. 22 million of copies were sold in both the United States and the overseas, as well. According to RIAA, the album also was certified platinum six times. Also, Barbra Streisand is always reigning in Grammy Awards.

The actress received eight Grammy awards for her acting career. Moreover, she got two special awards, one being for Grammy Lifetime Achievement and another for Grammy Legend. In addition to her Grammy awards, Barbra Streisand also has her name in the Grammy Hall of Fame which was written on it three times. As a singer, Barbra Streisand usually attracts a lot of people and her recent tour was attended by 425 thousand people from all around the world. Furthermore, this tour grossed almost 120 million dollars in box office, which is a huge amount of money and, of course, some part of it went directly to Barbra Streisand net worth. Barbra Streisand was known as an actress for quite a long time in the United States.

However, it was her role in the Broadway play called “Funny Girl” which made her known worldwide. For her role in that play, the actress received the Academy Award in the category of the Best Actress. Other films which made her popular are “Hello, Dolly” and “The Way We Are”.


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