Net Worth:
$15 million

About Tito Ortiz

It has been claimed that Tito Ortiz net worth has an estimate of 15 million dollars. Tito Ortiz is mostly known as a mixed martial artist and also a coach. He is known as a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He was considered to be the champion between the years 2000-2003. Tito Ortiz was one of the earliest stars of the mixed martial arts together with other wrestlers such as Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. In 2006, Tito Ortiz was considered to be one of the most successful fighters who in that year fought against Chuck Liddell and Ken Shamrock. His popularity brought him a lot of financial success which increased Tito Ortiz net worth by a mile.
In addition to being a fighter, Tito Ortiz is involved in other careers as well. He is known as a CEO of the Punishment Athletics equipment and also clothing line. In California, he owns a training gym of mixed martial arts called “Punishment Training Center”. It is another source of Tito Ortiz net worth.

Tito Ortiz got his nickname ‘Tito’ from his father who started to call him like that when the fighter was only one year old. ‘Tito’ means tyrant. Tito Ortiz is of mixed origin. His mother is American and his father is Mexican. Tito Ortiz is proud to be Mexican American and it could be seen in his entrances to the ring when he carries both American and Mexican flags.
Tito Ortiz started wrestling when he was attending high school. His first coach was named Paul Herrera. When he entered college, Tito Ortiz continued on training in wrestling. He even won the title of California state junior college. Later, his coach became the famous wrestler Stephen Neal.
In 1997, Tito Ortiz debuted as being a mixed martial artist. It was during UFC 13. When he was attending college, he competed in mixed martial arts without being paid or getting awards.
Tito Ortiz admitted that in his early years he was inspired by Bas Rutten who was a UFC Heavyweight Champion. Tito Ortiz decided that he wanted to become like him. Little did he know, he would end up being a champion himself which increased Tito Ortiz net worth a lot. Tito Ortiz also stated that although a lot of wrestlers feared of fighting against Bas Rutten, it was one of his dreams.
Fighting also got some drawbacks to Tito Ortiz. He suffered a lot of back pains and had to undergo a surgery in Nevada.

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