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About Bow Wow

Bow Wow, the former Lil’ Bow Wow, is an American rapper and actor who started his career quite early and it made him to grow a huge amount of money. Bow Wow net worth is estimated to be 15 million dollars.

He debuted as a rapper when he was only 13 years old and released his debut album in 2000, which Although he struggled really hard before

he was accepted and evaluated as a really good rapper, with all the
years that passed after the year 2000 Bow Wow became more mature

and his talent grew together with him, which also explains the fact why Bow Wow net worth is so high.

He released many albums which gained a lot of success in the music world. In addition to his career as a musician, he also made appearances in Hollywood.

In 2002, Bow Wow recorded a soundtrack for the movie called “Like Mike”.

Moreover, he acted in films such as “Johnson Family Vacation”, “Roll Bounce”, “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “Hurricane Season”.

Not only his appearances in films added incomes to the overall Bow Wow net worth,

but also the rapper played roles in TV series such as “Ugly Betty” and “Entourage”.

Bow Wow was born in Columbus, Ohio,

and was given a name Shad Gregory Moss, which he later changed to his stage name Bow Wow.

In the beginning, he used to be called Lil’ Bow Wow, a name which was created by his first record deal company “Death Row Records” .

After some scandals, his incomes and net worth seemed to be even bigger, although there are no proofs of that.

Such scandals included him being accused of having a child and later the rapper himself approved this fact,

although previously he used to be denying it all the time.

Bow Wow revealed his secret that he has a baby girl named Shai, whose mother is Bow Wow’s ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis.

Now, the little Shai lives with her mother.

From the beginning of his rapping career in 2000,

Bow Wow has released 7 albums, which lead to high estimate of Bow Wow net worth. Visit thenetworth for more information


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