Net Worth:
$200 million

About Will Smith

One of the most famous people in the entertainment industry Will Smith net worth has been estimated to reach 200 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his involvement into cinema and music business. To the public, he is mostly known as a rapper, actor and film producer. These are the main sources of Will Smith net worth.

Will Smith grew up in Philadelphia where he lived with his mother who was a school administrator and his father who worked as a refrigerator engineer. His first involvement into rapping was with a band called DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. In 1988, involvement in the band made Will Smith to become a winner of a Grammy award in the newly created category of rap.
Talking about his acting career, Will Smith first appeared on screens when he was chosen to appear in the sitcom called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which was broadcasted on the NBC channel. The sitcom lasted for six seasons and it also achieved a few awards. Thus, his careers in both music and cinema add a lot of revenues to the total amount of Will Smith net worth.
The first film in which the actor appeared was called Where The Day Takes You. However, he became widely known as an actor when he appeared in movies such as Men In Black, Independence Day and Bad Boys. The movie called Independence Day gained a lot of success with grossing around 800 million dollars. Moreover, the movie Men in Black also was a huge hit and grossed around 600 million dollars.
One of the most interesting facts is that Will Smith worked in both cinema and music industry simultaneously. When he was working in the cinema industry, at the same time Will Smith released 4 albums. 2 of his albums even went to receive a title of Platinum.
Moreover, Will Smith has released quite a lot of singles. Amongst them, the most popular are Men in Black and Getting Jiggy With It. These singles earned the singer two Grammy awards in the category of the Best Rap Solo Performance.
Talking about his accomplishments in the cinema, Will Smith received 2 nominations of Academy Awards. One of them was for his act in the movie called Ali and another one for a movie called Pursuit of Happiness which became a huge hit worldwide. In both movies Will Smith portrayed real people. Thus, acting is a very important source of Will Smith net worth.

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