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$300 million

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About Victoria Beckham

It has been announced that Victoria Beckham net worth has an estimate of 300 million dollars which makes her not only one of the most influential females but also one of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry. Victoria Beckham who is also known as a Posh Spice in the entertainment business became known to the public in 1990s when she hit pop scene with one of the most popular and successful girl band called “Spice Girls”. In addition, Victoria Beckham is known as one of the most influential and fascinating females in the industry. She is also well known because of her relationships. She is a wife of one of the best football players David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham was born in Essex, England, in 1974 and was raised in a wealthy family. One of the most shocking facts is that she used to be bullied at school a lot. Victoria Beckham decided to become an entertainer when she saw a movie called “Fame” which also increased her self-confidence. Victoria Beckham enrolled into Laine Theater Arts College. While studying there she established her first band called “Persuasion” which added first sums of money to Victoria Beckham net worth.
In 1994, she started performing with “Spice Girls” which increased Victoria Beckham net worth even more. The group “Spice Girls” released three albums. All of them included songs which reached high position in various charts. However, some time later Victoria Beckahm decided to leave the group and become a solo artist, however in 2007 the group decided to reunite. As a solo singer, the star was not as successful as being a part of the band.

Moreover, Victoria Beckham released a book called “Learning to Fly” which was released in 2001. The book was an autobiography of the singer and it included a lot of personal details from her childhood as well as her mixed emotions regarding various topics. She has also tried to become a reality show star, however it was not a huge success as well.

Besides her being a singer and an author, she is mostly known as a fashion icon to a lot of people. She has also founded her own clothing line called “Rock & Republic”. She has also her perfume line which was created with her husband, David Beckham, which was entitled the same as their surname. Thus, the sales of both her clothing line and fragrance add a lot to the total amount of Victoria Beckham net worth.


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