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It has been announced that Triple H net worth reaches 25 million dollars. He is best known as a professional wrestler which is the main source of Triple H net worth. Moreover, he is also known as wrestling booker and also an actor. Born in 1969, Triple H whose real birth name is Paul Michael Levesque was born in New Hampshire. Although he is involved in quite a lot of activities, he is best known as a WWE wrestler. When he was only a teenager, Triple H became interested into bodybuilding and spent a lot of time in training halls. When he was only nineteen years old, Triple H won the title of the Mr. Teen New Hampshire.

In 1992 he became involved into wrestling. It was the time when he joined Killer Kowalski’s School of Wrestling. In the same year, he participated in his first match where he fought against Flying Tony Roy. The first match which was filmed and in which Triple H participated was against wrestler Brian Armstrong. Between the years 1994-1995 Triple H joined the team with Lord Steve Regal. However, the upcoming year of 1996 was not as successful for the wrestler.

Moreover, in 2000 he suffered an injury in his muscle. Because of it, he nearly lost his career which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Triple H net worth. He could not wrestle for around 8 months because of the injury. However, after two years he was able to come back to the ring and wrestle again.
His official return to the ring was in 2003. It was the WWE Raw where he joined Flair in order to fight against Carlito and Chris Masters. However, because of some argument, Triple H started fighting against Flair.

Triple H is known buy this nickname in the wrestling world which stands for ‘Hunter Hearst Helmsley’. Talking about his personal life, Triple H married Stephanie McMahon in 2003. The couple has two kids.

In 2011, it was announced that the wrestler on the WWE program as the Chief Operating Officer. In addition to that, he is also still appearing in a ring occasionally. Moreover, Triple H is one of the writers for the show and has a lot of control over its storylines. Thus, he is not only a wrestler, he is also involved into behind the scenes production of the most popular wrestling show in the United States WWE which brings a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Triple H net worth.


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