About Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan net worth has an estimate of 18 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his careers in acting, comedy, writing and TV producing. Born in 1968, Tracy Morgan whose full name is Tracy Jamal Morgan is mostly known as the member in the TV show called “Saturday Night Live” in which he appeared for eight seasons and which was the main source of Tracy Morgan net worth for a while. Moreover, now Tracy Morgan is recognized as the actor in the TV show called “30 Rock” which is broadcasted on the NBC channel. In the TV show, Tracy Morgan portrays the role of Tracy Jordan. Tracy Morgan was born in New York, where he also was raised together with his four siblings.

The actor was born to his parents, mother who was a homemaker and father who was a musician. In one of his interviews, Tracy Morgan confessed that after the trip in Vietnam, his father came back home addicted to heroine which soon after was the reason why he was forced to leave the family. While growing up, Tracy Morgan suffered bullying from other children a lot. His older brother suffered from cerebral palsy and could not protect him. Thus, Tracy Morgan employed his comedy acts to make children laugh instead of beating him.

When he became a teenager, Tracy Morgan moved to live with his father, who shortly after died from AIDS. Before Tracy Morgan got involved into comedy business, he worked as a painter for the company called “L&L Painting and Rose Company”. After that he appeared as a stand-up comedian at the Apollo, where he was noticed by Martin Lawrence’s ex-wife. It led him to appear on “Martin”, where his role was to portray Hustle Man and which set the base for the overall amount of Tracy Morgan net worth. The character of Hustle Man was known for his catch phrase “What’s happen’ chief” which he repeated a lot of times. Moreover, Hustle Man was known as having a dog, which he used to dress as a rapper.

In addition, Tracy Morgan appeared in “Uptown Comedy Club” for two seasons. The show was a comedy sketch which was filmed in Harlem from 1992 until 1994. Also, Tracy Morgan was selected to appear on the TV show called “Snaps” which was aired on the HBO. Therefore, his acting career seems to be on a roll and it implies that Tracy Morgan net worth will increase in the upcoming years.


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