Net Worth:
$50 million

About Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton net worth has been claimed to be in a negative of 50 million dollars. During all her career, she was known as a very talented singer, songwriter and an actress which were the main sources of Toni Braxton net worth.
Born in 1967, the celebrity whose full name is Toni Michelle Braxton is known as a singer of R&B music and also a record producer. Her involvement into music was rewarded with various awards. She has received seven American Music Awards, six Grammy Awards and five Billboard Music Awards. In addition, the singer has sold around 40 million copies internationally. The sales of them also increased the total amount of Toni Braxton net worth.

Her debut album was released in 1993 which was entitled “Toni Braxton”. The album reached number 1 position on the Billboard 200 chart. Her second album was also a success. It was entitled “Secrets” and included a lot of singles known worldwide. Such singles were “Un-Break My Heart” and “You’re Makin Me High”. Although both of her albums did very well, Toni Braxton was on the edge on bankruptcy at one point. However, she managed to get back on the track with the release of her third album which was called “The Heat”. In 2009 her other single was released which was entitled “Yesterday”. The single landed in the 12th position in the R&B charts and it was the first single from her album called “Pulse” which was released in 2010. Moreover, the album “Pulse” landed in the 1st position of the on the Billboard R&B Album Chart.
In addition to her singing career, Toni Braxton is also a frequent star on the TV. She was one of the participants in the TV show called “Dancing With The Stars”. In the show, her partner was a professional dancer named Alec Mazo.
However, in 2010 the new statement was released that the singer was again on the edge of getting bankrupt. But it did not stop her from appearing on TV screens. Toni Braxton got her own TV series called “Braxton Family Values” which appeared in 2011 on WETV channel. In the series, not only Toni Braxton but also her sisters appeared. The TV show added revenues to the Toni Braxton net worth and increased it quite a lot. Moreover, in 2011 Toni Braxton got her name inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame which was a huge achievement for the star.

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