Net Worth:
$250 million

About Tommy Hilfiger

It has been reported that one of the most successful fashion designers Tommy Hilfiger net worth has an estimate of 250 million dollars. He is known not only as a fashion designer, but also as a successful businessman which also increases the overall amount of Tommy Hilfiger net worth. He is known to be a founder of a popular clothing line named after himself, “Tommy Hilfiger”. His clothing is well appreciated by both celebrities and the ordinary people.
Born in new York, Tommy Hilfiger has his origins in both Ireland and England. He has also claimed that he is related to a Scottish poet Robert Burns. His parents wanted him to become an engineer, therefore it was quite shock for them when Tommy Hilfiger decided to become a fashion designer which today proves to be a right choice seeing Tommy Hilfiger net worth.

When he was 18 years old, Tommy Hilfiger stopped his education and focused on retailing business. Tommy Hilfiger used to go to New York to buy pants and jeans which he later customized and accessorized and sold in a local store. He founded his first shop in downtown Elmira. The shop was called “The People’s Place”. However, soon the shop had to be closed because all of the stores in downtown Elmira were relocated to New York.
When Tommy Hilfiger was only 25 years old, his shop “The People’s Place” went bankrupt. Currently, the place of his first shop is known to be rented for the Elmira Jackals Hockey Team. Therefore, Tommy Hilfiger moved to New York, as well, with his wife. Although at that time he was getting a lot of offers to work for world known brands such as Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis, he refused these offers. This seems quite strange knowing the fact that he was completely broke at that time.
In 1984, his own clothing store was established which was called “Tommy Hilfiger Corporation”. After 8 years, the shop became known to various audiences. His signature was designing men’s wear. In 2004, it was stated that 5400 employees worked in the corporation and the company had 1.8 billion dollars in excess. Therefore, the company increased the overall amount of Tommy Hilfiger net worth by a mile. In addition, in 1995 the Council of Fashion Designers of America named Tommy Hilfiger Menswear Designer of the Year. Since then, Tommy Hilfiger has provided many endorsement deals to various stars which really paid off looking at his net worth.

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