Net Worth:
$200 million

About Tina Turner

One of the most popular singers of all time Tina Turner net worth has been estimated to reach 200 million dollars which makes her one of the richest singers in the history of music. In addition to being a singer, Tina Turner is known as a songwriter, actor, author, model, composer and producer which all add up the overall amount of Tina Turner net worth.
She has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 50 years which made her to be known to various different generations. During her career as a singer, Tina Turner has received a lot of awards and achievements. Because of her involvement into rock and roll music, the singer was even called ‘The Queen of Rock and Roll Music’.

Tina Turner started her professional career as a singer when she began singing with her husband Ike Turner. With him, she formed a duo called Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Tina Turner received immediate success with her first singles such as “Proud Mary” and “River Deep, Mountain High” which also increased the overall amount of Tina Turner net worth.
In 1986 her autobiographical book was released which was called “I, Tina”. In the book, the singer revealed quite a lot of personal details about her life such as abuse by her husband Ike Turner which later resulted into couple’s divorce in 1978. After her divorce, Tina Turner disappeared from the music industry for a while and after recovering, she continued her singing career.
In 1983, the first single of her comeback was released which was entitled “Let’s Stay Together”. One year later, her album called “Private Dancer” was released which was her fifth solo album and which increased Tina Turner net worth a lot.
In addition to her career as a singer, Tina Turner is also known as an actress. Her debut appearance was in the film called “Tommy” which was released in 1975 and where she portrayed a character of The Acid Queen. Moreover, another prominent role of her was in the film called “Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Therefore, acting is another important source of Tina Turner net worth. In addition, Tina Turner appeared in a movie called “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” where she portrayed the character of Aunty Entity. Also, actors such as Mel Gibson starred in the film together with her. Because of her role in the movie, Tina Turner received NAACP Image Award.

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