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$75 million

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About Timbaland

One of the most successful music producers and singers Timbaland net worth has been estimated to reach 75 million dollars. In addition, Timbaland is known as a song writer, rapper, keyboard player and a musician which increase Timbaland net worth by a mile.
Born in 1971, the musician whose real birth name is Timothy Zachery Mosley became known to the public when he started working with R&B singer Ginuwine. Timbaland became one of the most prominent music producers of all time after his work with singers Aaliyah and Missy Elliot. Timbaland produced Aaliyah’s album called “One in a Million” and also collaborated on the production of Missy Elliot’s album called “Supa Dupa Fly”.

Talking about him as a rapper, Timbaland released quite a lot of records together with rapper Magoo and only later he became a solo artist. As a solo artist, Timbaland’s debut album was released in 1998 and it was entitled “Tim’s Bio”. Moreover, in 2007 Timbaland started releasing the series of his albums called Shock Value. The sales of his albums increased Timbaland net worth a lot.

Timbaland was born in Virginia where he was raised as well. After he finished high school, he concentrated on his career as a DJ and at that time was known as DJ Tim or DJ Timmy Tim. The first hip hop tracks produced by Timbaland were made using Casio keyboard. When he was still studying in high school, Timbaland got to know Magoo and started collaborating with him in making various tracks. However, when he was shot during one incident when working in a Red Lobster, he was paralyzed for nine months and had to stop his music career for a while. However, he did not give up and using his left hand Timbaland started to mix music. This was the time when Timbaland was noticed by rapper Missy Elliot who invited Timbaland to work with her.

Collaborations with Missy Elliot increased the overall amount of Timbaland net worth. When Missy Elliot got a record deal, she took Timbaland together with her to New York where Missy Elliot’s band called “Swing Mob” was based. At this time, Timbaland got his current stage name and started producing music under this name.
Timbaland started mixing music with DeVante who invited Timbaland to work on various projects together with him. Later, Timbaland became known for being a songwriter with his first songs being written for MC Lyte and girl band 702.


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