Net Worth:
$80 million

About Tim Allen

It has been claimed that Tim Allen net worth reaches 80 million dollars. In addition, currently he is known to be appearing on the TV show called “Last Man Standing” which pays him 225 thousand dollars for every episode he appears in and which increases Tim Allen net worth immensely.
Tim Allen is a very well-known persona in the cinema industry. He is known as an actor, voice actor, comedian and character actor. In addition, Tim Allen is known as an entertainer. He is mostly remembered to a lot of people as an actor who appeared in the sitcom called “Home Improvement”. In addition, Tim Allen is also known for his characters which he portrayed in the movies of “The Santa Clause”, animation “Toy Story” and “Galaxy Quest”. All these films increased Tim Allen net worth by a mile.

However, to a younger part of the public, Tim Allen is known because of his current appearance in the TV show “Last Man Standing” which is broadcasted on the ABC channel.
Tim Allen was born in Colorado to his mother who worked as a community service worker and his father who was involved in real estate business. However, when the actor was only 11 years old, his father died in a car accident when his car collided with another one which was driven by a drunk driver.
Later, his mother married a business executive and moved to his house in a suburb in Detroit area together with her and his kids. In Birmingham, Tim Allen attended high school where his passion for music and acting was born. When he enrolled into university, Tim Allen got also involved into working in radio stations.
In 1975, Tim Allen switched to comedy which became one of the most important sources of Tim Allen net worth. His first participations as a comedian were in a comedy club in Detroit where he appeared on comedy night shows. In addition, he was invited to appear in several TV commercials and cable television comedy shows such as “Some Semblance of Sanity”.
In order to seek for more opportunities in the comedy circuit, Tim Allen moved to Los Angeles where he became involved with the Comedy Store. In Los Angeles Tim Allen started to appear in various stand-up comedy performances. However, the TV show which made him popular was “Home Improvement” which ran between the years 1991-1999 and where he portrayed a character of Tim Taylor.

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