Net Worth:
$11 million

About Teresa Giudice

Unfortunately, there are more and more broke celebrities in the entertainment industry. One of them is Teresa Giudice who is known as an author, TV personality and a businessperson. Teresa Giudice net worth has been announced to be minus 11 million dollars, which shows that Teresa Giudice is bankrupt. Because of the debt she and her husband Joe Giudice have, their household items are going to be put up in the auction which is supposed to happen in the summer.

They got bankrupt due to the fact that the couple hide a lot of activities of theirs and also failed to pay various taxes plus they did not declare information about their assets and incomes. Thus, when all this information came out to open, Teresa Giudice net worth became in a negative level.
Teresa Giudice and her husband did not give any information about their business affairs, such as owning a pizza restaurant, clothing line and incomes gotten from the book of Teresa Giudice.
To the public, she is mostly known as one of the cast members of a TV show called “Real Housewives of New Jersey” where she has been appearing since its very first season. The TV show brought quite a lot of incomes to Teresa Giudice net worth. In addition to the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Tersa Giudice has appeared in other shows as well. She is known as the actress from “Naughty but Nice” and TV series “Mercy”. In “Mercy” the actress got a minor role of the second housewife.
In addition to being an actress, Teresa Giudice is also known as a fashion designer. She owns her accessories, clothing and jewelry line called “TG Fabulicious”. It involves a variety of items for teenage girls and females, starting from hair bows and finishing with baseball caps. In addition, her clothing line features a lot of printed T-Shirts with various attitudinal saying such as “Delicious” ot “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Moreover, Teresa Giudice’s jewelry line consists mainly of bracelets which are named after the names of her daughters, Audriana, Milania, Gabriella and Gia. The sales of it also added a lot to the overall amount of Teresa Giudice net worth.
In addition, Teresa Giudice is known as a very successful author who has written two cooking books entitled “Skinny Italian” and “Fabulicious: Teresa’s Italian Family Cookbook”. The sales of them also increased her overall net worth.

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