Net Worth:
$2 billion

About Ted Turner

One of the wealthiest people in the world Ted Turner net worth has been reported to reach 2 billion dollars. To the public, he is mostly known as a businessman and a media mogul from Ohio. He used to own the Atlanta Braves. Ted Turner also created CNN, TBS and TNT which increase the overall amount of Ted Turner net worth a lot. In addition, Ted Turner is known as the biggest land owner in the area of the United States.

Also, he is the owner of the Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants. The restaurant chain consists of 46 restaurants which are established in 16 states. The first Ted’s Montana Grill was founded in 2010 in Ohio together with the help if his friend George McKerrow Jr. Ted Turner also collaborates with a lot of charities and is one of the most generous donators in the United States. Ted Turner is married to an actress named Jane Fonda who is on her peak career right now.

In addition, Ted Turner is the creator of the Cartoon Network which is one of the most favorite TV channels for children all around the world. In addition to creating Cartoon Network, Ted Turner is involved in many other cartoon related activities such as the creation of an animated TV series called “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” which increase Ted Turner net worth a lot.

Born in 1938, Ted Turner moved from Ohio to Georgia together with his family while he was still a little boy. He attended a private school for boys in Tennessee which was called The McCallie School. After graduating from high school, Ted Turner enrolled to study in the Brown University. There he participated in a lot of school activities, for example, he was the captain of the sailing team and the vice president of the Debating Union.
He was studying Majors although his father was against it. However, later he switched to economics. In addition, Ted Turner did not finish Brown University because he was caught up in his dormitory with a girl and because of that he was expelled from it.

However, in 1989 Ted Turner said a speech at the event of the National Association of College Broadcasters. Also, he got an honorary B.A. degree from the university eventually. Because he got expelled from the university, Ted Turner started helping his father in his business and later became the chief executive of the Turner Advertising Company which brought first big sums of money to the overall amount of Ted Turner net worth.

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