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$25 million

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About Suge Knight

Suge Knight net worth has been reported to have an estimate of 250 thousand dollars. To the public, Suge Knight is mostly known as a player of American football. However, Suge Knight is involved in many other activities as well. He is a bodyguard, promoter, CEO and executive producer. All these jobs of him add a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Suge Knight net worth.

Born in 1965, Suge Knight whose full name is Marion Knight is also known as Big Simon or Big Suge. Suge Knight has established his own company called Black Kapital Records where he also works as a CEO. In addition, he co-founded Death Row Records company where he also used to work as the CEO. The singles produced by the company Death Row Records landed in the top 10 of various rap charts after the first success of the album produced by the company which was “the Chronic” by the artist Dr. Dre in 1992. Thus, Death Row Records added a lot of money to the total amount of Suge Knight net worth.
However, when Suge Knight was arrested because of violation charges in 1996, the activities of the company started to be more and more passive and the albums and singles produced by Death Row Records began to gain less and less attention, popularity and success. The company has produced various artists such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Outlawz.
Born in California, Suge Knight got his nickname Suge while he was still a child. He was called “Sugar Bear” which the star joined and it became Suge. After he graduated from high school, Suge Knight received a scholarship to enroll into University of Nevada in Las Vegas where he played football and led his team to various championships.
When he graduated, Suge Knight became a member in the team of Los Angeles Ram where he was chosen to replace another player. In addition to being a star in American football, Suge Knight became a bodyguard and promoter to a lot of celebrities such as Bobby Brown.
In 1987 Suge Knight received probation because of the illegal activities which included concealed weapon, auto theft and attempted to commit murder. When he was released, Suge Knight established his record company called Black Kapital Records. For a long time, the company was the main source of Suge Knight net worth. Later, he even founded his artist management company which signed a lot of West Coast hip hop artists.


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