Net Worth:
$100 million

About Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak net worth has been estimated to reach 100 million dollars. A huge part of it comes from his career as a computer engineer. Steve Wozniak is known as one of the creators of Apple Computers company in addition to other Apple developers including Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Mike Markkula. They all created, developed and released to the market one of the most successful computer lines called Apple II series. The sales of it increased Steve Wozniak net worth a lot.

Steve Wozniak worked closely with Steve Jobs on creating the first Apple computer. At first, their working place was based in Steve Job’s bedroom and later they moved their laboratory to his garage. Computers Apple I and Apple II were created by both engineers in 1970s. However, in some features of the computer Steve Wozniak is the one who is credited mostly. Such features include the original hardware of the Apple computer, its operating system and also circuit board designs. Also, the designs of computers made and created by Steve Wozniak are said to have influenced the whole computer engineering in 1970s. Such recognition made him known all over the world and his inventions have been purchased at a great speed which increased the total amount of Steve Wozniak net worth.
In addition to the success of the Apple computers, Steve Wozniak was one of the founders of Wheels of Zeus, also known as WoZ which is also used as Steve Wozniak’s nickname. The invention was created in 2001 and its aim was to create a wireless GPS technology which was created to help people to connect and find things more easily every day in every place, even in the street.
The computer engineer whose full name is Stephan Gary Wozniak was born in 1950 and achieved a lot during his time. He contributed a lot to the revolution of computers.
Also, his long time friend Steve Jobs helped him a lot and the two contributed in the making of computers. Steve Wozniak met Steve Jobs when they still studied in high school and they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend Bill Fernandez. In 1970 their relationship became more active when they met at Hewlett-Packard. There Steve Wozniak worked as an engineer of mainframe computers whereas Steve Jobs got a position there for summer time.
Thus, computer engineering and creating one of the most successful computer lines increased Steve Wozniak net worth immensely.

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