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About Steve Jobs

One of the richest people in the world Steve Jobs net worth has been estimated to reach 10.2 billion dollars. He was known to the public as an American businessman and investor. In addition, Steve Jobs is mostly recognized as the developer and co-founder of Apple Computers, which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Steve Jobs net worth. Also, he worked as a chef executive officer of the company. Before establishing Apple Computers, Steve Jobs worked in Pixar Animation Studios as a chief executive.

In 1980s Steve Jobs together with his fellows and co-creators of the company Apple Computers Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Mike Markkula designed and released the first version of the Apple II series, which became the first commercially successful series of personal computers all around the world.
One of the most interesting facts is that the first Apple computers were created in Steve Jobs bedroom and in his garage. The person who worked extremely closely with him in the creation of Apple was Steve Wozniak. He helped Steve Jobs all the way to create one of the most successful lines of computers.
At that time Steve Jobs realized the benefits of the mouse-driven graphical user interface and thought that public would love it, therefore the first Macintosh computer was created. The sales of it added huge sums of money to the total amount of Steve Jobs net worth. In 1986 Steve Jobs acquired the computer division of Lucasfilm Ltd, which later turned into Pixar Animation Studios. Before Disney acquired Pixar Animation Studios, Steve Jobs worked as a CEO of the company and also owned the most shares. Moreover, Steve Jobs was one of the members of the Disney Board of Directors.
A huge part of Steve Jobs net worth came from his ownership of the Apple Inc., the ownership of Apple shares which were worth 5.5 million dollars and also a huge part of Disney shares worth 138 million dollars.
However, in 2011 Steve Jobs made an announcement that he was leaving Apple Company which was a huge shock to all people. Most of them believed that this decision was made due to his health reasons. In the same year Steve Jobs passed away because of pancreatic cancer. His position in the Apple Company went to Tim Cook, who has been a long-time worker in the Apple Company. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs made a huge influence into development of computers.


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