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About Steve Carell

One of the most famous people in Hollywood Steve Carell net worth has been said to be around 45 million dollars, which makes him to be attributed to the list of the biggest millionaires in the world. Moreover, it has been announced that Steve Carell gets 300 thousand dollars for every “The Office” episode he appears in which also makes him one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood. Born in 1962 in Massachusetts, Steve Carell whose real name is Steven John Carell enrolled into University in Ohio and at first he intended to become a radio talk show host and a broadcaster.

Before his professional career in the entertainment business, Steve Carell used to work as a postman which gave him a lot of valuable experience. However, his boss did not see that Steve Carell put any efforts in work and therefore the star quitted the job. In addition, Steve Carell decided to attend a law school. However, after some time he quitted it also because he did not fell sure that he wanted to be a lawyer.

Thus, Steve Carell tried a lot of different jobs before he settled in the entertainment business, which now brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Steve Carell net worth. His first attempts to act were when he was enrolled in the children theatre and later he became a member of the troop from Chicago called “The Second City” alongside with the famous comedian Steven Colbert.

In the same year when he joined “The Second City”, he got his first big debut act in the movie called “Curly Sue”, which was a big hit and scored millions of dollars worldwide, which meant the increase in Steve Carell net worth. Moreover, the actor appeared in a short film called “Dana Carvey Show” released in 1996 and also worked as a journalist for “The Daily Show” for six years. In 2005, Steve Carell was offered a job to act in the American version of “The Office” where he got a major role and portrayed Michael Scott. For the role in “The Office” Steve Carell was awarded with a Golden Globe and received to nominations in Emmy awards.

Talking about his family, Steve Carell is married to Nancy Wells, who is a SNL alum and the couple together has two kids. Therefore, it seems that he is a very successful actor and with more and more offers coming to act in hit movies, Steve Carell net worth is expected to grow year after year.


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