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$110 million

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About Snoop Dogg

One of the richest and the most successful rappers Snoop Dogg net worth has been reported to reach 110 million dollars. One of the most interesting facts about the rapper is that he became known to the public in 1990s and is one of not so many rappers of that generation who still continue to work in rapping industry. Snoop Dogg is known as a rapper of West Coast who has released ten albums since he appeared on a rapping scene which also brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Snoop Dogg net worth.

The rappers real birth name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus and his nickname ‘Snoop’ was thought of by his mother. The rapper was raised in Long Beach, California. There he got involved into his first band ever which was called “Rollin 20 Crisps” when he was only a teenager. Before he got signed with his record label Snoop Dogg spent quite a while at prison because he was caught with keeping cocaine. After he was released from prison Snoop Dogg was noticed by a producer Dr. Dre who signed the rapper to Death Row Records and from that moment Snoop Dogg started to reach his success as a rapper.
Snoop Dogg’s debut album was a huge success. It was called “Doggystyle” and was released in 1992. The album stayed in 1st position of the Billboard 200 charts and is considered to be one of the most successful albums of 1990s. Thus, it also added a lot of money to the overall amount of Snoop Dogg net worth.
Since he released his debut album, nine more albums were released which were sold very well. Those nine albums were released under four different record labels. When his album called “Malice in Wonderland” was released in 2009, Snoop Dogg got an opportunity to become an executive of the company called “Priority Records”.
In addition to his career as a rapper, Snoop Dogg is also an actor. He has appeared and produced various films and TV shows. Moreover, he tends to appear in movies portraying both himself and fictional characters.
Moreover, Snoop Dogg net worth has been accumulated through his various endorsement deals and commercial work. He has been known as a face of Orbit Gum, Boost Mobile and Chrysler 200. In addition, his name has been lent to various products and merchandise including liquor, foot long hot dogs, the Snoop Dogg Board Company and also clothing lines.


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