Net Worth:
$5 million

About Skrillex

One of the best DJs in the world Skrillex net worth has been said to reach 2.5 million dollars, which proves that not only actors, singers or TV hosts can earn such huge amounts of money through their hard work and dedication to it. Skrillex is known to the public, mainly to the young audiences, as a DJ and music superstar of electronic music. He is so successful and popular that in 2011 alone, Skrillex earned 15 million dollars, according to

some sources. The DJ began his career in the group called “From First to Last”, where he performed as a lead singer.

The performances with this group set the base for Skrillex net worth. The group released two very successful albums. However, later Skrillex decided to start his solo career, but he still went by his name Sonny Moore. In 2008, Skrillex started another of his careers as a dubstep producer, which also heightened the level of his overall net worth. At that time, he started to be spotted in various clubs in Los Angeles playing under the name of Skrillex. In 2010, the DJ released his first official EP, which was entitled “My Name Is Skrillex”. The copies were sold in huge quantities, which also increased the total amount of Skrillex net worth.

In addition to the success of his debut album, Skrillex continued to produce many music groups such as “Bring Me the Horizon”, which plays metal music. Talking more about his producing careers, he collaborated with such mega stars as Korn and deadmau5. However, his career was not so successful for all the time. In 2011, his laptop with all his recordings in it was stolen from the hotel in Milan, which made his album release to be delayed for quite a long time. Although he was said to have bad luck after this incident, the DJ continued to produce different bands and music groups of different genres and also Skrillex was involved in touring with them.

Although Skrillex is touring with many different artists, most of the people associate him with electronic music and dubstep because this genre is the main one in which he is producing. The project he created under the name of “Skrillex” was oriented towards dancing, thus he was welcomed and still is in many different clubs all around the world. Such touring by himself and also with other bands is not only a work for him, but also a pleasure which brings huge sums of money into Skrillex net worth.

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