One of the most popular and successful actors of today Shia Labeouf net worth has been announced to reach 25 million dollars and it is growing year after year. For such a young actor, his net worth is quite high and Shia Labeouf is expected to gain even more money taking into consideration that he is one of the most sought-after actors today.

Shia Labeouf started his acting career when he was a teenager and at that time he appeared in quite a lot of TV commercials and TV shows. His first appearances on TV led to Shia Labeouf net worth to grow. However, the show which made him being recognized was called “Even Stevens” and aired on the Disney Channel. Thus, at that time Shia Labeouf was considered to be the biggest star on the Disney Channel and his appearance on that show added huge revenues to the total amount of Shia Labeouf net worth.

Because of his role in the series “Even Stevens”, Shia Labeouf was chosen to star in big hit movies such as “Holes”, all sequences of “Transformers”, “Eagle Eye” and “Disturbia”. Moreover, it has been stated that Shia Labeouf gets around 5 to 10 million dollars for every movie he appears in. Thus, most of his net worth comes from his careers in television and films. Giving some background information, Shia Labeouf was born in 1986 in California, the United States. His origin is Jewish-Russian and Cajun. Furthermore, Shia Labeouf whose full name is Shia Saide Labeouf is not married yet but has been dating a couple of Hollywood stars.

In addition to his career as an actor, Shia Labeouf is also a comedian and a voice actor. Moreover, Shia Labeouf belongs to the talent agency called “Creative Artists Agency”, which is the management of many successful and popular actors and actresses of today. According to Vanity Fair, it has been announced that Shia Labeouf earned around 16 million dollars in 2010. Moreover, the movies in which Shia Labeouf appeared grossed a lot of money. The last part of the Transformers called “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” got 15 million dollars in revenue.

Of course, some part of the revenues went to the Shia Labeouf net worth. The first three movies in which Shia Labeouf appeared, “Bobby”, “Disturbia” and “Surf’s Up” (where he appeared as a voice actor) received 400 thousand dollars in revenues. Therefore, it seems that most of the movies where Shia Labeouf appears become huge hits globally.

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