Net Worth:
$250 million

About Shaq

It has been announced that Shaq net worth has an estimate of 250 million dollars. Moreover, he is said to get 20 million dollars for his yearly salary. Shaq who is mostly known as Shaquille O’Neal once was the best basketball player in the history of sports and now he is retired from this sport field. Now he basically concentrates on his career as a host of various television shows. Giving some background information and biographical details, Shaq was born in 1972 in New Jersey.

However, he was raised only by his mother because his parents were never married and his dad left the family as soon as Shaq was born. Shaq was noticed as a very skillful basketball player while he shoot hoops in his high school. At that time some people even speculated that he would have a wonderful future while playing basketball and Shaq net worth would be enormous. When he was in his last year studying in high school, he was a leader of Robert G. Cole High School basketball team and he led his team to the major championships in the country.

He continued his basketball career even when he entered Louisiana state university. While playing there, Shaquille O’Neal was ranked as a SEC player of the year twice and also as a All-American basketball player twice. During the time while he was the major basketball star, Shaq net worth was rising year after year. In 1991, he even was awarded with the Adolph Rupp’s trophy for the NCAA men’s basketball best player. In addition, to the public he is stuck in their heads as a megastar of the NBA league.

In 1991, Shaq got major success and recognition when he was chosen to be in the Orlando Magic team. In 1992, Shaquille O’Neal got the name of the Rookie of the year and he got an award of the All Star starter, which was not achieved by any basketball player since Michael Jordan had done it. In the second season on Orlando Magic, Shaq led the team to play in the play-off series, which were the first ones for the team. The next year was quite successful to his team. They made it to the final but unfortunately in the winning game they lost to Houston Rockets team. In addition to his basketball career, some part of Shaq net worth comes from his career as a TV star, actor and rapper. He appeared in movies such as “Blue Chips” and “Kazamm”.

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