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$18 million

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About Shannen Doherty

It has been announced that Shannen Doherty net worth reaches 18 million dollars. She is known as an actress, television producer and director and also an author. All these careers are the main sources of Shannen Doherty net worth. She is mostly known as a star from various TV series. These include her appearance as Brenda Walsh in TV series “Beverly Hills 90210” which was broadcasted between the years 1990-1994 and as Heather Duke in “Heathers” which was released in 1989. Moreover, Shannen Doherty appeared in “Beverly Hills 90210” spin-off series and also in “Charmed” where she portrayed a character of Prue Halliwell which aired between the years 1998-2001.
Shannen Doherty was born in Tennessee to her mother who worked in a beauty parlour and her father who was mortgage consultant. She has both English and Irish origins. In addition to having main roles in TV series, she has also appeared as a guest in “Father Murphy” and “Voyagers”.

When she was 11 years old, she auditioned to get a role in the TV series called “Little House on a Prairie” and got the role of Jenny Wilder. She got the role due to Michael Landon who produced TV series “Father Murphy” in which Shannen Doherty appeared before. He noticed her potential and hired her to portray a role of Jenny Wilder. Therefore, “Little House on the Prairie” was another TV show which increased Shannen Doherty net worth a lot.
In 1983 the TV series were cancelled, unfortunately. One year before its cancelation, Shannen Doherty became a voice actress with voicing characters in the animation “The Secret of NIMH”. In 1985, the movie was released called “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” where Shannen Doherty portrayed a role of Maggie Malene. In addition, she acted in the film together with actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. The film was targeted at teenage girls audiences.
For two years, 1986-1988, Shannen Doherty got a role in the TV show called “Our House” where she was chosen to portray Kris who was the oldest Witherspoon sister. Due to her role in “Our House”, Shannen Doherty was nominated for a couple of Young Artist Awards. However, the film which was a breakthrough act for her was “Heathers” which was released in 1989. It also added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Shannen Doherty net worth. She also became an international star when she appeared in the TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210”.


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