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$11 million

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About Sean Paul

It has been claimed that one of the most successful musicians of today Sean Paul net worth has an estimate of 11 million dollars. Sean Paul is known as a singer, rapper, songwriter and an overall musician. The singer’s birth name is Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques but in the music world he is mostly known as Sean Paul, which he uses as his stage name. Sean Paul is known as a musician of pop, reggae and dance music genres.
Sean Paul was born in Kingston, where he also grew up. His both parents were known as successful sportspeople. Moreover, his mother was also known as a painter. Therefore, his parents were also involved into entertainment industry as well as their son, which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Sean Paul net worth. Furthermore, the singer has his roots in Jamaica as well as in China and England.

One of the most interesting facts about his family is that a lot of his relatives were known as talented swimmers who accomplished a lot during their time. Thus, it was also expected that Sean Paul would become a swimmer, too. Many of his family members were involved into water polo. Sean Paul was also involved into water polo from thirteen to twenty one years of age. However, he gave it up in order to pursue career of a singer which today adds millions of dollars to the overall amount of Sean Paul net worth.
After he finished high school, Sean Paul enrolled into the University of Technology where he took classes in order to get a position at hotel. Sean Paul was noticed at a local event in Kingston. His current manager’s brother told his manager about him. He described Sean Paul as having the same singing abilities as Super Cat, who was known as a DJ and toaster.
Jeremy Harding, Sean Paul’s manager, met Sean Paul when he came to his recording studio in order to get some advises from Jeremy Harding. In the recording studio, Sean Paul started jamming and his first single was recorded which was called “Baby Girl”. From that moment, Sean Paul started to come to the recording studio every day. He and Jeremy Harding recorded more songs. After recording some more songs, the couple decided that they have some tracks to be released on the radio, thus his manager started to seek for sponsors and Sean Paul’s career grew. Today, Sean Paul net worth is considered to be as one of the highest amongst singers in the whole world.


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