Net Worth:
$1 billion

About Sean Parker

It has been announced that Sean Parker net worth has an estimate of 2.1 billion dollars and it makes him one of the richest people in the world. He has accumulated his net worth through developing internet technologies and being an entrepreneur.
To a lot of people he is also known as one of the co-creators of Plaxo, Napster and Causes. In addition, he helped Mark Zuckerberg to create one of the most popular social networks, Facebook, which adds additional incomes to the overall amount of Sean Parker net worth.

When Sean Parker was only seven years old, his father started him teaching programming and Sean Parker enjoyed it very much. When he was seventeen years old, he could easily hack various websites which made him to be sentenced for various community services.
In 1999, he founded his first website called Napster which is a file-sharing website where you can share music files for free. However, it got banned because of the distribution of music and the complaints from the Recording Industry Association of America.

When Napster was banned, Sean Parker founded another website called Plaxo. Plaxo was a social website and also an online address book. It was founded in 2002 and once again it had a lot of disputes from shareholders. Nevertheless, founding various websites increased Sean Parker net worth a lot.
In 2004 Sean Parker teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg and became his advisor on the creation of the social network Facebook. Later, he even became the president of the network. However, Sean Parker had to leave Facebook because he was suspected of possessing cocaine.
However, it did not stop him from getting involved more into the programming and internet business. In 2006 Sean Parker became the member of the Founders Fund where he got the position of a Managing Partner.

Currently it has been announced that Sean Parker is involved in business ventures capital group which was established by another Facebook creator named Peter Thiel. Moreover, Sean Parker is involved in the making of the website Spotify which is a music streaming website. In Spotify, Sean Parker is a member of the board. Thus, it is another source of Sean Parker net worth.

Born in 1979, Sean Parker was influenced a lot by his father in programming. The first program which was mastered by Sean Parker at the age of seven was called Atari 800. Sean Parker felt passion for it and at an early age decided that he wanted to get into the programming business.

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