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About Scottie Pippen

It has been stated that one of the most popular people in the basketball history Scottie Pippen net worth has an estimate of 50 million dollars. Scottie Pippen was born in Arkansas, the United States, and is now retired from the basketball career. The player was involved into three teams during his time in basketball. Such teams included Houston Rockets and the Portland Blazers. In addition, Scottie Pippen also played for Chicago Bulls team, where he played together with probably the most famous person in the history of basketball Michael Jordan. What is also important is that Scottie Pippen had a contract with Chicago Bulls according to which the star played for 12 seasons.

Revenues gotten from all three teams increased the overall amount of Scottie Pippen net worth a lot. Talking about his awards and recognition, Scottie Pippen won the title of the NBA champion six times. Moreover, he achieved even two Golden medals in the Olympic Games. During all his basketball career, the player received around 110 million dollars in salary before all the taxes were taken off out of this sum. The highest salary he ever got was almost 20 million dollars which was paid to him in 2002 for playing for the Portland Trail Blazers team.

It also increased the overall Scottie Pippen net worth. However, after Scottie Pippen retired, his net worth was reduced and he did not get as much money as he used to while he was playing in various basketball teams. The basketball player has been said to have been involved into some terrible investment deals and also it was announced that right after his retirement, he almost went bankrupt. Since these reports were made, Scottie Pippen somehow managed to get a grip on his money and revenues and now his net worth reaches 50 million dollars. Talking about his family status, Scottie Pippen was married to Larsa Younan but the couple divorced.

Together they have four children named Preston, Justin, Sophia and Scotty. Born in 1965, Scottie Pippen after graduating from high school enrolled into University of Central Arkansas. The basketball player, whose real name is Scottie Maurice Pippen, played in the National basketball association and got huge sums of money per year, however, as mentioned previously, soon after retirement his financial status was not so stable. But now it seems that Scottie Pippen net worth is becoming stabilized.


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