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$10 million

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About Ronnie Coleman

It has been estimated that one of the most successful bodybuilders in the world Ronnie Coleman net worth reaches 10 million dollars. Ronnie Coleman is also known as the Big Ron in the entertainment industry, especially bodybuilding world. He is also known as a winner of Mr. Olympia, the title which he gained eight times in a row. Such achievement was also reached by another bodybuilder named Lee Haney. In addition to holding this record, Ronnie Coleman has also won IFBB as a professional 26 times. Therefore, it is obvious that he is very talented and successful in his career as a bodybuilder which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Ronnie Coleman net worth.
In 1986, Ronnie Coleman finished Grambling State University cum laude where he was studying accounting. While studying there, Ronnie Coleman was also a member of his university’s football team where his position was as a middle linebacker. He was coached by Eddie Robinson who saw the true potential of Ronnie Coleman in football and expected him to achieve a lot in this sport field.

What is even more interesting is that after the graduation, Ronnie Coleman got a job position as a police officer in Texas. It was this time when he was offered to start going to the gym. His co-worker in police Gustavo Arlotta suggested him to train with the coach named Brian Dobson. Brian Dobson stated that Ronnie Coleman could train in the gym for free with a condition that he would allow to train him for the local competition.
The event in which he competed was Mr. Texas. He won the first place and many overall awards. What is even more important is that he beat his own coach, Brian Dobson, in the event. Thus, Ronnie Coleman considered that bodybuilding could bring him great success which also can be proven while taking a look at the overall amount of Ronnie Coleman net worth.
In 1995, Ronnie Coleman participated in his first event as a professional bodybuilder which was called the Canada Pro Cup. In fact, he became the winner of it. The next year he competed in the same event and again won the first place. In 1997, Ronnie Coleman participated in the Russian Grand Prix which he also won. Therefore, bodybuilding has brought huge financial success to the overall amount of Ronnie Coleman net worth. In addition to that, Ronnie Coleman has many endorsement deals which also increase his net worth.


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