Net Worth:
$120 million

About Robert Plant

It has been claimed that Robert Plant net worth has an estimate of 120 million dollars. Robert Plant is mostly known as a singer and a musician which are two main sources of Robert Plant net worth. He is mostly known as a member of the band “Led Zeppelin” which is a rock band known on an international level. He is the front man and also the main song writer of the band.
In addition, he is also known as a solo singer. Robert Plant’s most successful album is treated to be “Raising Sand” which was released in 2007. Robert Plant’s album was produced by two major icons in the industry, Alison Krauss and T-Bone Burnett. During the Grammy award ceremony, this album was awarded with the title of the Best Album of the Year.

Robert Plant is known as an icon in the rock music industry. He has been in this business for 40 years. Robert Plant is known as an influence of quite a lot of popular musicians such as Axl Rose and Freddie Mercury. In 2006, the musician was awarded with the title of the Greatest Metal Vocalist of All Time which was given to him by the Hit Parader Magazine. In 2011, he was titled as the Best Lead Singer of All Time which was given to him by the readers of the Rolling Stone’s magazine.
It was stated that his interests in music, especially rock music, grew quite at an early age. Music was also the reason why he decided to quit school. After leaving it, Robert Plant concentrated mainly on the blues music which is one of the main sources of Robert Plant net worth. His first idols in the genre were Robert Johnson and Willie Dixon.
Before he got fully involved into blues music industry, Robert Plant was attending training course for becoming a chartered accountant. However, after two weeks of classes, he dropped out. Robert Plant stated that he left his home when he was only 16 years old in order to gain more musical knowledge and experience while performing with a lot of different bands and getting involved in blues music genre as well as in some others.
In addition to gain some money for providing material necessary for his music career, Robert Plant was involved into working in the Wimpey which is a construction company in the United Kingdom.

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