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$85 million

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About Robert Downey Jr

One of the most popular people in the entertainment business Robert Downey Jr net worth has been estimated to be around 85 million dollars, which also makes him one of the many multimillionaires in the industry. To the public, he is mostly known as an actor, film producer and an artist which increase Robert Downey Jr net worth a lot.

Born in New York, Robert Downey Jr first appeared on the TV screens when he was only five years old. At that time, in 1970 he appeared in the movie called “Pound” which was produced by his father. The actor is mostly remembered from films such as “Chaplin”, “Soapdish”, “Less Than Zero” and “The Iron Man”. For his role in the movie called “Chaplin” Robert Downey Jr was chosen to portray Charlie Chaplin. He did it successfully and received a nomination of the Best Actor in Academy Awards ceremony.
Also, the actor is known because of the film called “The Avengers” where he portrayed a role of Tony Stark the Iron Man. From the box office of the film, Robert Downey Jr made a fortune. He received 50 million dollars for the role which increased the total amount of Robert Downey Jr net worth. Thus, with getting such huge amounts of money Robert Downey Jr does not seem to slow down in his acting career. Robert Downey Jr also acted in the third part of “The Iron Man” which is considered ot get an even bigger box office than “The Avengers”. Therefore, it has been speculated that his net worth would increase even more.
Born in 1965, Robert Downey Jr has been notorious to the public, as well. Between the years 1996 and 2001, the actor used to get involved into drug related crimes. After he was released from prison, he came back to cinema industry. Robert Downey Jr became one of the cast members in the TV series called “Ally McBeal” where he portrayed a role of the lover of Calista Flockhart. The character which he portrayed received a lot of praise. However, when he was arrested once more in 2000, the producers of the TV show fired him and had to delete his character from the TV show. Nevertheless, it increased Robert Downey Jr net worth quite a lot.
Also, after being treated from addiction to drugs, Robert Downey Jr became intensely involved into cinema industry again with getting roles in movies such as “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “A Scanner Darkly”.


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