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$5 million

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About Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 5 million dollars which comes from his involvement into various business ventures. Thus, all around the world he is known as an American businessperson.

Rick Harrison has accumulated his net worth being a part of his well known family which owns Gold and Silver pawn shop which is established in Las Vegas. In addition, the shop has been featured in the TV series called “Pawn Stars” which also adds money to the overall amount of Rick Harrison net worth.
Rick Harrison was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he was raised there, also. When he was thirteen years old, his father hired him to help him in their pawn shop Gold and Silver. One of Rick Harrisons brother, Corey, was also working in the shop together with his childhood friend, Austin Russell.
During the TV show “Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison appears under the name of The Spotter. Also, he has mentioned during the show that he quitted attending high school because he was selling fake Gucci bags and earned around two thousand dollars per week from selling those bags which every seller believed to be an original version.
Talking more about the show “Pawn Stars”, it stays in the first position of the most watched TV series on the History Channel. Moreover, it has been announced that the show has been renewed with 80 more episodes which is not usual for any TV show. Thus, the TV series are one of the main sources of Rick Harrison net worth.
Born in 1965, the businessman whose full name is Richard Kevin Harrison also lived for some time in California during his youth years because his father was relocated to live there because of being in the U.S. Navy. When he was only a child, he started suffering epileptic seizures which made him to stay in a bed for a long time and at that point he became interested into reading. One of the biggest Rick Harrison’s influences in business was Tom D. Fitzgerald which was a character of one of his favorite book series called “The Great Brain” written by John D. Fitzgerald. Rick Harrison was interested in reading historical books, especially related to the British Navy.
In 1981, the family moved to live to Las Vegas, Nevada. They were forced to move there because his parents business of real estate collapsed.


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