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$14 million

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About Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush net worth has been estimated to reach 14 million dollars. He is mostly known as a football player and a successful athlete, however, not a lot of people known that he is also a film producer which also helps to accumulate the overall amount of Reggie Bush net worth. Reggie Bush is known as a runner back for the team of Miami Dolphins which plays in the National Football League.
During the NFL Draft of 2006 Reggie Bush was drafted by the team of the New Orleans Saints. Between the years 2003-2005, when he was attending University of Southern California, he also played for the university’s team. When he was a player in the New Orleans Saints team, Reggie Bush participated in the Super Bowl of 2010 where his team won.

Born in San Diego, California, Reggie Bush was also a part of his high school football team called Helix High School. When he was accepted to his football team of University of Southern California, Reggie Bush’s coach soon realized that the player was skillful in all carrying, catching, returning and throwing the ball categories. Reggie Bush, together with Alex Smith, became finalists in the Heisman of 2004. It was the first time in the Heisman’s history when the two finalists were from the same high school. In 2004, he achieved a lot in Heisman.
Reggie Bush was named the Most Valuable Player of the team and also ended fifth in the Heisman’s trophy’s voting. Such achievements increased Reggie Bush net worth as well. One year later, Reggie Bush was awarded with the Heisman trophy. In addition to this award, the football player has also received others, such as Walter Camp Award and Doak Walker Award. The latter award is given to football players who succeed in being the country’s best running back. Moreover, Reggie Bush became famous in the country because of his “Bush Push” which took place in a winning game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
In 2006, Reggie Bush was accompanied by Leinart in the Heisman single game against the Longhorns in the match of the Rose Bowl. The game was important due to a fact that because of it, Reggie Bush accomplished 6,890 all-purpose yards for his career in college. Therefore, Reggie Bush is considered as one of the best runner backs in the National Football League which is also obvious when taking a look at the overall size of Reggie Bush net worth.


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