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$6 million

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About Ray J

Ray J net worth has been said to reach 6 million dollars. The main sources of his net worth include his careers as an actor, rapper and music producer. Ray J whose real name is William Norwood was born in Mississippi. However, soon after he moved to California and was raised there. Talking about his famous family relationships, Ray J is a brother of a famous singer Brandy known for such music hits as “Right Here” and also he is a cousin of a famous rapper Snoop Dog. These relations do not add to Ray J net worth, but they for sure make his name more popular in Hollywood area.

Firstly, he decided that he wanted to be an actor for his future and appeared in some TV shows such as The Sinbad Show, which lasted for one season. After that he was invited to appear in his sisters Brandy’s show called Moesha and later on he appeared in One and One. The appearances on these shows set the base for the total amount of Ray J net worth. In addition to the TV shows, he was also chosen for roles to portray in some films such as “Mars Attacks”, “Steel” and “Envy”. When the rapper was only fourteen years old, he released his debut album which featured R&B songs and it was entitled “Everything You Want”.

Later the releases of his other albums followed, including “This Ain’t Game” in 2001, “Raydiation” in 2005 and “All I Feel” in 2008. In 2009, Ray J decided to return to acting and he appeared in the TV reality show called “For the Love of Ray J” which was aired on the VH1 channel. The TV show was broadcasted for 2 seasons and later a spin-off of it was created featuring the rapper and his sister Brandy. The show was entitled “Brandy and Ray J: a Family Business”. The debut of it was in April, 2010.

Also, the soundtrack for the show was recorded by Ray J himself which also added some revenue to the total amount of Ray J net worth. In 2004, the rapper established a record label company called “Knockout Entertainment”. It produced artists such as Ray J himself, his sister Brandy and Shorty Mack. Moreover, the rapper has collaborated with many other popular producers and artists including R. Kelly, Timbaland, Lil Kim and the Neptunes. Thus, Ray J net worth mainly comes from his involvement in two spheres – music and cinema.


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