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$45 million

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About Raven Symone

It has been announced that Raven Symone net worth has an estimate of around 45 million dollars, which is somehow shocking due to another popular belief of some people that Raven Symone net worth actually reaches 400 million dollars. The reason why so many people believed that her net worth is that high is because Raven Symone business had generated 400 million dollars in total revenue in excess up to today. However, that does not mean that her actual net worth is worth as much as her business empire.

In fact, Raven Symone would not get all of those 400 million dollars. She would be entitled to only 10 or 20 percent of those total revenues. From those 10 and 20 percent, more revenues would be taken out because a part of that sum would be given to management, paying taxes, lawyers and operational fees, so overall Raven Symone would be left with a smaller amount of money, but still it would be quite high taking into consideration the overall Raven Symone net worth, which once again is 45 million dollars and not 400 million dollars.

Raven Symone was born in Georgia, but moved with her parents to New York while she was still a little girl and soon after she was involved into modeling career. Raven Symone who is also known as Raven Symone Christina Pearman appeared in many TV commercials while being only one or two years old. She modeled for such companies as “Ritz Crackers”, “Jell-O” and “Cool Whip”. Raven Symone was noticed by Bill Cosby when she was auditioning for a movie called “Ghost Dad”, in which she would have starred together with him. Bill Cosby invited her to be a member of his show called “The Bill Cosby Show”. She became known to the public after her appearance in that show.

She portrayed the character of Olivia in the two ending seasons of the show. After the appearance of “The Bill Cosby Show”, Raven Symons had a lot of offers to act in various movies including “Queen: The Story of the American Family”, “The Little Rascals” and “Dr. Doolitle”. All these movies brought a lot of success and of course her appearance in them increased Raven Symone net worth. In addition to her acting and modeling careers, Raven Symone is also a recording artist, who has released millions of copies of her albums. Moreover, in 2003, Raven Symone was chosen by the Disney Channel to appear in the show called “That’s So Raven”, which became one of the most popular shows on the Disney Channel.


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