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About Quentin Tarantino

One of the best known names in the cinema industry is Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino net worth has been estimated to reach 90 million dollars. Quentin Tarantino is regarded to be one of the best screenwriters, film directors and cinematographers in the industry. Quentin Tarantino is also an actor which adds additional revenues to the overall amount of Quentin Tarantino net worth.
Quentin Tarantino has received a lot of awards for his work in the cinema business such as Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Bafta Awards. He also received nominations to get Grammy and Emmy awards.

When he was still a child, Quentin Tarantino felt a passion for filming. In 1980 he directed his first movie called “My Best Friend’s Birthday” and since then his career in cinema industry began. In addition, the story line of the movie is the base of another movie called “True Romance”.
In 1990 Quentin Tarantino became an independent cinematographic and directed and produced many movies on his own. Some of his most popular films are “Reservoir Dogs”, “Kill Bill”, “Kill Bill 2” and “Death Proof”. All films added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Quentin Tarantino net worth. The main features of his movies are his tendency to incorporate various elements in them such as kung fu, grindhouse and spaghetti western films. One of the filmmakers with whom Quentin Tarantino usually works is Robert Rodriguez.

Quentin Tarantino was born in Tennessee to his mother who was a nurse and his father who was involved into cinema industry as well. His father is of Italian origin and his mother is of Irish descent. He grew up only in the care of his mother because his parents broke up before Quentin Tarantino was born.
When he attended high school, Quentin Tarantino excelled in drama classes. However, when he was 15 years old, he quitted school and decided to concentrate on cinema, thus he enrolled into James Best Theater Company. However, after few years he quitted attending it also because he got bored. However, he still stayed in touch with his friends from college.

Quentin Tarantino got employed into a video rental store where he and his working colleagues discussed matters related to cinema. Also, he used to pay attention to the movies which people rent the most and which helped him in his later job as a screenwriter which today adds millions of dollars to the total amount of Quentin Tarantino net worth.


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