Net Worth:
$45 million

About Phil Jackson

It has been estimated that the overall amount of Phil Jackson net worth reaches 45 million dollars. He is mostly known as a retired American basketball player and currently is known as being a basketball coach which is one of the most important sources of Phil Jackson net worth. Phil Jackson is regarded as one of the most professional and most successful coaches in the history of the National Basketball Association.
He got such as respected reputation due to his coaching of the team “Chicago Bulls” which he coached between the years 1989-1998. During the time when he coached “Chicago Bulls”, the team won NBA titles six times. In addition to coaching “Chicago Bulls”, Phil Jackson is also known as a coach of “Los Angeles Lakers” team which also has won several NBA titles. In addition, Phil Jackson is holding the record of NBA titles. He has 11 NBA titles of his coached teams. Phil Jackson surpassed the record previously set by Red Auerbach who had nine wins.

Talking about his as a basketball player, Phil Jackson was a player in the New York Knicks team which was also NBA champion. The team held the title in the years 1970 and 1973. Therefore, being a basketball player also increased the total amount of Phil Jackson net worth.
Phil Jackson is known for quite a few techniques which he uses when he coaches his players. One of them is Tex Winter’s triangular offense mode. Another is a holistic approach according which he is coaching his players and which is related to Eastern philosophy. Because of his usage of the latter technique, Phil Jackson is usually referred to as ‘Zen Master’.
In addition, Phil Jackson has stated that one of his biggest forces in his life according which he is shaping his lifestyle and morals is a book called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” written by Robert Pirsig. Phil Jackson has also written a book called “Sacred Hoops” where he stated that he also uses Native American spiritual practices.
In 2007 he was rewarded because of his work in the basketball world with his name being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. In addition, Phil Jackson got the title of one of the best coaches in the NBA history during the NBA 50th anniversary celebration. His successful involvement into basketball can also be seen in the numbers of Phil Jackson net worth.

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