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$175 million

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About Penn Jillette

It has been reported that the total amount of Penn Jillette net worth reaches an estimate of 175 million dollars. He is known as a magician, illusionist, comedian, inventor, musician and actor. All these careers of him add a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Penn Jillette net worth. Penn Jillette is also known as a best selling author. Moreover, Penn Teller is known for his act together with another magician named Teller. Together with him, they have their own show called “Penn & Teller”.
Penn Jillette was born in Massachusetts to his mother who was a secretary and his father who worked in jail. When he was 18 years old, Penn Jillette saw a show by a magician named James Randi. He was impressed by him because he used deception material rather than supernatural powers in his act. Moreover, Penn Jillette has mentioned that besides his love to his family, he is also in love with James Randi which is seen to him as an idol.

After his graduation in 1973, Penn Jillette together with his friend Michael Moschen learnt how to juggle. One year later, he made friends with Teller with whom he later joined magical acts. Shows of the duo increased the overall amount of Penn Jillette net worth. At first, the duo was joined by another friend of Penn Jillette named Weir Chrisemer. All three created the project called “Asparagus Valley Cultural Society”. Therefore, the three magicians started to organize their own acts which were shown in Massachusetts and California. In 1981, Penn Jillette and Teller created their own show called “Penn & Teller” which was shown in Broadway. In addition, the duo started to make tours on a national level.
In 1994, Penn Jillette bought a house in Las Vegas, which he called “The Slammer”. The house was shown in various TV shows and published in magazines. Moreover, his friend Colin Summers designed the house. Currently, it has been reported that in the house Penn Jillette only records music and also used to broadcast his own radio show.
Penn Jillett is also known as an author and a writer which add revenues to Penn Jillett net worth. He was working in writing columns for the magazine of PC/Computing between the years 1990-1994. He left the magazine because he did not like the policies of the new editor of the magazine. Penn Jillett felt that the new editor was taking too much control over his column.


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