Net Worth:
$16 million

About Paula Deen

It has been reported that the total amount of Paula Deen net worth reaches 16 million dollars. Her main source of her net worth is regarded to be her restaurant business. Paula Deen is known as a chef, cook, restaurateur and TV personality. In addition, she is known as an actress who has won several Emmy awards. These are the main sources of Paula Deen net worth which she has today.
Currently, she is known to be living in Savannah, Georgia, where her restaurant called “The Lady and Sons” is established. In addition, she lives there with her two sons, Bobby and Jamie Deen. Paula Deen is one of the most loved cooks who has also released books. All in all, Paula Deen has released five cookbooks. The sales of them increased the overall amount of Paula Deen net worth a lot.

In 2004, she was married to her second husband named Michael Groover, however she decided to leave the surname of her first husband to herself. When Paula Deen was only in her early twenties, her parents passed away. This resulted in her early marriage which ended up with her separating from him. In addition, her parents passing away is supposed to have caused her agoraphobia and panic attacks which she used to suffer right after the death of her parents. Therefore, she needed to find an activity which she liked and could do without leaving her home.
Therefore, Paula Deen decided to start cooking for her family at home. Little did she know, cooking would become the main source of Paula Deen net worth. In 1986, for a brief time, she was hired as a bank teller. In 1989, her divorce with her first husband happened. With him Paula Deen was together since their marriage in 1965. After the divorce, she had a really hard time because all she got were 200 dollars and her two sons who at that time were teenagers.
In order to make ends meet, Paula Deen started catering business, making sandwiches and other easy to make meals. Her sons were also involved in it with delivering these meals to people. This was the beginning of her business in cooking which today brings millions of dollars to Paula Deen net worth. Her initial business was named “The Bag Lady” and started in her own kitchen in Savannah, Georgia. In 1996, she opened her own restaurant which she called “The Lady and Sons”.

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