The most successful and popular musician internationally Paul Mccartney net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 800 million dollars. The musician is also known as one of the best composers of all time which also increases Paul Mccartney net worth a lot. The star has been a huge hit in a pop music industry. Paul McCartney has sixty discs certified Gold and also has sold around 100 million copies of his singles.

Paul McCartney was born and raised in Liverpool, England where he started to get involved into music. When he was a teenager, he started composing his first lyrics and music. When Paul McCartney was only 15 years old, he got to know John Lennon and after some years passed Paul McCartney joined the most popular band in the world called “The Beatles” which increased Paul Mccartney net worth a lot.
Between the years 1960-1970 Paul McCartney talents impressed the whole world. At that time he appeared on 12 music albums. In addition, he also created a lot of popular songs which became known everywhere. One of such songs is considered to be “Yesterday” which was played around 7 million times on American radio and television channels during that time. Moreover, the song was recognized to have more covers than any other song in the history of music.
After the band “The Beatles” finished their music career in 1970, Paul McCartney decided to still stay active in music industry and became a solo singer. Also, between the years 1971-1981 he performed in a group called “The Wings”. His solo career has been brilliant as well as his time in “The Beatles”. As a solo artist, Paul McCartney released twenty two albums of pop genre and five albums of classical music.
In addition to his career in music industry, Paul McCartney is known to be active in humanitarian work as well which adds extra revenues to the total amount of Paul Mccartney net worth. The musician is involved into political and social matters. The most important fields in which Paul McCartney is active include his work against genetically modified food and land mines as well as having a strong position for animal rights.
In 1969 Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman who is known to be a photographer and a member in the organization who works for animal rights. Together with Linda Eastman Paul McCartney has four children. However, his wife passed away in 1998.

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