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About Pat Sajak

One of the most successful people on television Pat Sajak net worth has been estimated to have 45 million dollars. In addition to that, Pat Sajak has been announced to receive an annual salary of 8 million dollars, which makes him one of the best paid celebrities on television. To the public, he is mostly recognized as a TV game show host, talk show host and a TV anchor. These are the main sources of the overall amount of Pat Sajak net worth.

Born in 1946, the TV star whose full name is Patrick Leonard Sajdak started his career in television as the host of the weather forecast. Moreover, he is known as an actor as well. However, the TV show which brought him a lot of success and made him known internationally was “The Wheel of Fortune” which gained a lot of fame an increased Pat Sajak net worth by a mile.

Pat Sajak was born in Chicago where he was also raised. His parents got divorced and after that his mother married Walter Backal. After he finished high school, Pat Sajak got enrolled into the Columbia College Chicago. While studying there, at the same time he worked in a Palmer House hotel as an administrator.
After he finished college, for some time he was involved into being a DJ on radio stations. One of his first jobs in radio stations was at WEDC radio station, where he worked as a DJ from midnight till 6 in the morning. Moreover, in 1968 Pat Sajak joined the US Army and was sent to Vietnam. There, he continued playing as a DJ at a Armed Forces Radio.
Later, Pat Sajak got involved into TV shows. One of his first jobs was at the NBC Today Show. He also became a substitute for announcing the weather reports. However, in 1977 Pat Sajak was noticed by KNBC-TV. At that time, they were searching for a new weather cast reporter and offered Pat Sajak to take the job. Thus, Pat Sajak accepted it and he started working there as a full-time weather man.
In 1981, Pat Sajak received an offer from Merv Griffin to replace Chuck Woolery who was working as a host on “The Wheel of Fortune”. After a lot of debates, Pat Sajak was finally hired and the show made him a household name. Thus, a lot of people still relate to him as the host of the popular TV show, which brought huge sums of money to the total amount of Pat Sajak net worth.


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