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$90 million

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About Ozzy Osbourne

One of the most famous people in the entertainment business Ozzy Osbourne net worth has been said to reach 90 million dollars. Some people even state that by now it reaches 100 million dollars, however there are no official proofs of that. To most of the people, Ozzy Osbourne is known as a very successful musician and a TV personality.

These two careers are the main sources of his incomes and also they add to the total amount of Ozzy Osbourne net worth. Ozzy Osbourne is sometimes referred to as a Father of a Heavy metal music, which shows that he is a pro at that kind of music genre. Moreover, Ozzy Osbourne is a star of a British TV reality shows and he is often invited to be a guest performer both in the British television and the United States television channels. Ozzy Osbourne whose real name is John Osbourne was called by his stage name since he attended grammar school back in the days. He grew up in Birmingham, England, and he was a school drop out after he stopped attending lessons in order to work.

At the same time he was also very interested in music and together with one of his classmates, Ozzy Osbourne created a music group, which played blues. Moreover, Ozzy Osbourne was a huge fan of “The Beatles” and dreamed of reaching such success as they did and eventually his dream came true. It is not hard to realize when you take notice to the overall amount of Ozzy Osbourne net worth. In 1970, his group which he created with his classmate changed its name to “Black Sabbath” and its music became influenced with horror elements instead of being pure blues. The formation of the band made Ozzy Osbourne to be one of the most influential people in the making and creating Heavy metal music.

Moreover, his groups called “Black Sabbath” and later “Paranoid” are considered to be one of the main forces amongst all the others in the development of the Heavy metal music. In 1979, Ozzy Osbourne was forced to leave the group and he decided that he can be a successful musician on his own and therefore, Ozzy Osbourne started solo career, which was not that bad. As a solo artist, he has released nine studio albums. The sales of them add a lot of revenue to the total Ozzy Osbourne net worth. Thus, being a solo artist seems to be even a better thing for him than being involved into a band.


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