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$100 million

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About Olsen Twins

One of the most interesting questions for the people who are interested in Hollywood actors is the question of how high is the estimate of Olsen Twins net worth. Together, their net worth reaches around 100 million dollars. The twins are the most popular twins in the cinema business. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started to be involved into acting when they were only nine months old.

It was the sitcom called “Full House” which made the twins popular worldwide and it of course added millions of dollars to the total amount

of Olsen Twins net worth. The sitcom was broadcasted from 1987 till 1995 and was the most popular and most watched sitcom not only in the United States, but all across the world. According to the Neilson Ratings, it stayed in the first position for quite a long time. In the TV show “Full House” both twins portrayed the role of one of the members of the Tanners family Michelle Elizabeth Tanner, who was the youngest out of three Tanner sisters – Dana Joe, Stephanie and, of course, Michelle.

The twins were so loved by all Americans that in 1993 they launched their own string of series, which were entitled such as “The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley”, “You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s” and so on. The series also added some revenue to the overall amount of Olsen Twins net worth. The series were produced by the company which was also founded by themselves called “Dualstar Entertainment Group”, which was established in 1993. Later, the company also released movies starring the twins which were called “Double Double Toil and Trouble”, “To Grandmothers House We Go” and “How the West Was Fun”.

The last movie the twins appeared together was entitled “New York Minute” and it was released in 2004. In addition to their acting career, a huge part of their revenue comes from merchandising with their names and pictures on them such as backpacks, books, posters and other school supplies. Also, the twins started their careers as fashion designers. One of their fashion lines called “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls” is being sold at Wal-Mart stores in North America. Another one entitled “The Row” is being sold at Barneys and some other high-end retailers due to the fashion line being an exclusive boutique. The sales of their fashion lines also add millions of dollars to the overall amount of Olsen Twins net worth.


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