Net Worth:
$5 million

About Nicole Richie

It has been stated that Nicole Richie net worth reaches an estimate of 5 million dollars. Nicole Richie is known as one of the most prominent stars in the entertainment industry. She is known as an actress, TV reality show star, writer and just a celebrity enjoying the light on her. During all her career, Nicole Richie has accumulated a huge net worth through her appearances on TV screens.
Nicole Richie was born in 1981 and was adopted by a famous singer, Lionel Richie. Nicole Richie was a student at a high school established in Sherman Oaks, California. Later, she enrolled into University of Arizona where she studied for two years.

In addition, Nicole Richie is known for her relationship with another star, Paris Hilton. Together with her, Nicole Richie appeared on the TV show called “The Simple Life” which increased Nicole Richie net worth a lot. The show included five seasons. It is also known that in the shooting of the last season, Nicole Richie started to not get on well with Paris Hilton and the two of them even decided not to shoot scenes together. However, in the last episodes of the season which was released in 2007, it was reported that the girls reconciled and regain their friendship.
Moreover, Nicole Richie is known as an author. One of her books entitled “The Truth About Diamonds” was called by the star as a semi-autobiography in which the star wrote about her life in Hollywood and experience in the entertainment industry. Her career as a writer also increases the overall amount of Nicole Richie net worth.
Nicole Richie is also known as an actress who appeared in a lot of TV shows including “8 Simple Rules” and “Six Feet Under”.
In 2008 Nicole Richie also got involved into fashion industry which is one of the most important sources of Nicole Richie net worth. She released her accessories and jewelry line which she named after her daughter Harlow, “House of Harlow 1960”.
Although there are some notoriety about the star such as her eating disorders or legal conflicts, Nicole Richie is respected as a talented businesswoman.
Talking about her personal life, Nicole Richie lives together with her friend Joel Madden who is known as a musician from the band “Good Charlotte” in Los Angeles. The couple has two kids together who live with them. Also, Nicole Richie together with Joel Madden have their own organization “The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation” which they founded in 2010.

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