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About Morgan Freeman

It has been announced that one of the most successful actors Morgan Freeman net worth has an estimate of 90 million dollars. The actor was born in 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee, and has one of the highest net worth amongst all African American actors in Hollywood. What is interesting is the fact that at first Morgan Freeman started his career as a dancer and only later he decided to be an actor, a profession which brought millions of dollars to the total amount of Morgan Freeman net worth.

The same factor of these two professions is that Morgan Freeman was attracted to get on stage and these both careers made it possible for him. He was so successful in acting that in 1978 he got a Tony nomination for his job as an actor. He also has been working behind the cinema stage as well as on it. Morgan Freeman appeared in many hit films such as “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Unforgiven”, “Driving Miss Daisy”. Moreover, for his appearance in the film called “Million Dollar Baby”, he got an Oscar award. Such huge success also increased Morgan Freeman net worth.

Thus, it can be noted that his recent net worth comes from his work in both filming and television. Talking about his family life, Morgan Freeman whose full name is Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr. married his long time girlfriend Myrna Colley-Lee but the couple got separated soon after. They have three kids together – Alfonso, Morgana and Deena. After graduation from the high school, Morgan Freeman attended Jackson State University. However, his career as an actor began in late 1960s when he appeared on Broadway in performances of “The Niggerloves” and “Hello, Dolly”.

The Afro-American production of “Hello, Dolly” was released in 1968 and immediately started being associated with all time favorite African-American production. He was so successful in Broadway performances that he continued his career in there and performed in a lot of on-stage performances, including both musicals and dramas. Giving some more background information, Morgan Freeman was enrolled into American Air Force and served there from 1955 until 1959. Before he got offers to act on stage, Morgan Freeman was also playing Easy Rider in the TV series called “The Electric Company”, which was a string of educational series for children which were broadcasted from 1971 until 1976. Apparently, these early appearances on Broadway and children educational series set the base for the Morgan Freeman net worth, which is today.


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